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Membership Rates
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AzAA 2020 dues, as approved by membership in August, 2018

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2020 rate fee schedule:

Progressive per-ambulance rate that is progressively larger depending on agency size (size definitions below).

  • Small $100/ambulance
  • Medium $130/ambulance
  • Large $160/ambulance

There would also be a $200 overall minimum contribution and a $3,000 overall maximum contribution.

Bylaw Language:

C. Dues
Annual membership fees are due and payable on November 1st of each year and shall become past due on January 1st of each year. General members will only be eligible to vote at subsequent association meetings if they have fully satisfied their financial obligations to the association at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

Membership dues are a determined by multiplying the following two figures for each general Member:

  • TOTAL number of ground or air ambulances registered with the Arizona Department of Health Services;
  • A per ambulance rate determined by the size of the ambulance provider and/or its parent company (as applicable), with a progressively-higher fee for each size category.

The following revenue sources will be considered in determining ambulance provider size:

  • Gross ARCR Revenue—Ambulance Service Routine Operating Revenue (before settlements and discounts) reported on the provider’s most recent Ambulance Revenue and Cost Report submitted to the Arizona Department of Health Services (currently p. 2, line 1 of the long form and p. 3, line 1 of the short form).
  • Gross Parent Organization Revenue—For providers that are owned and controlled by another larger organization, the controlling (parent) organization’s total operating revenues reported on the most recent audited financial statements.

A “per ambulance” rate will be determined for each of the following size categories:

  • Small providers are those with Gross ARCR Revenue of less than $500,000 AND Gross Parent Organization Revenue of less than $5 million. 
  • Medium providers are those that do not meet definitions of Small or Large providers.
  • Large providers are those with Gross ARCR Revenue of greater than $10 million OR Gross Parent Organization Revenue of greater than $40 million.

The Board of Directors will annually review and set the general membership dues for the following year based on the budget proposed by the Treasurer and Finance Committee. The Board of Directors shall not increase the dues to the general members more than ten percent per calendar year. Any increase greater than ten percent requires a majority vote of the general membership.

Rebecca Haro
President, AZ Ambulance Association
(602) 319-5967