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A Unified Vision for Changing Times

The Arizona Ambulance Association (AzAA) is made up of the majority of private and public ambulance providers in Arizona and fights to maintain our ability to provide a lifesaving emergency medical response (EMS) and other health care services to people in need in an economically sound manner. The member organizations set the agenda the AzAA pursues in a transparent, collaborative process and with the approval of the AzAA legislative Committee and Executive Board.

For many patients and their families, receiving services from an ambulance provider is the best thing to happen on the worst day of their lives. For the health care system as a whole, the evolving role of emergency response systems will be critical to more effective patient care and outcomes in the future. In the changing environment we face, our industry now more than ever must unite behind a common vision for the AzAA to ensure a sustainable emergency medical and alternative response system for the people of Arizona.

The AzAA develops common positions and advocacy strategies for goals and issues of concern to our member organizations including:

  • The need for a reimbursement and financial structure which ensures effective lifesaving EMS response capacity and alternative response modes as essential components of Arizona’s health care system. This includes the development of positions regarding the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and Accountable Care Organizations.
  • A sound regulatory structure, within a framework and standards which ensures our EMS and alternative response systems’ capacity and quality, without being overly burdensome.
  • The development of sustainable models that improve health care efficiencies and innovations, including mobile integrated health care and community health care models.
  • Insuring that emerging industry changes to response models, treatment modes, and reimbursement schemes are effective in providing for patient care. 

The AzAA advances its industry’s goals and issues through cooperative effort of member organizations by impacting Arizona policy makers and regulators, at both state and federal levels by:

  • Defining AzAA’s public policy goals and positions which affect the industry as a whole through a collaborative and cooperative agenda setting process.
  • Conduct specific lobbying efforts, with the support of member organizations to advance AzAA’s public policy positions.
  • Effectively communicating to all member organizations, keeping them informed and connected to policies and activities the AzAA is pursuing.
  • Developing a deeper understanding in policy makers, regulators as well as the public of the needs and challenges of the emergency medical system and its essential role in Arizona’s lifesaving response and the healthcare system. A more significant public relations effort will be developed in the next year to achieve the deeper understanding of our industry.
  • Assist member organizations with information on industry trends, new response models, evolving financial structures affecting our industry, and innovative treatment modalities.
  • Developing key relationships and alliances with other groups and entities that impact our industry and develop greater and understanding for our industry’s challenges. 

The AzAA operates under the organizational structure below:

Arizona Ambulance Association

Elected Officers

Elected Executive Board

Legislative Action Committee              Industry Change and Innovation Committee
                                            (Under Consideration)


“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
Benjamin Franklin